Ben deHoedt

Composer / Film Maker

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Trailer #2 (2018)
Directed and edited by Ben deHoedt
Narration by Andy Summers
Score performed by Ben deHoedt based on "Reggatta de Blanc" by the Police

All Noises by the Police (or The Police: Shadows in the Rain as it may eventually be titled) is a visually arresting psychological portrait of the band told in their own words through archival footage & interviews: a surreal, dream-like collage of narration, recollection, image and music exhibiting a stylistic affinity with the work of Julien Temple and David Lynch. A working cut was completed in 2018, with the input of drummer and founding member Stewart Copeland and guitarist Andy Summers, which has been praised by film maker Jeff Krulik as “an impressive debut”.

In researching this film, director Ben deHoedt conducted interviews with Copeland, Summers, Hugh Padgham (co-producer on “Ghost in the Machine”, “Synchronicity”) and C.P. Lee (from the Albertos Los Trios Paranoias, with whom the Police toured in their early years). Hundreds of unpublished photographs documenting the group were incorporated into the visual world of the film, with the collaboration of numerous professional photographers including Lawrence Impey and Duane Michals.